Know where you stand.

It's easier to stay on track when you have a clear outlook on your wealth.


Put it all on the table and we'll put it in order.

We offer Tax & Estate services to get your paperwork organized and efficient.


Cast a wider net.

Helping you grow your net worth so you can reach your goals.


The Net Growth Question

Is your money growing as fast as you need it to?

Whether you're aiming to reach specific goals or to retire by a certain date, our specialty is helping you grow your net worth at the right rate, and managing it with straightforward advice.


Our Services and Products

Our focus is getting everything related to your wealth and wealth goals in order, up to date, and on track for retirement. To this end, we provide the following services and manage portfolios with the following investment types.

Our services include:

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax management
  • Investment management

Our investment product offering includes:

  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Bonds
  • GICs
  • Mutual funds

Top Six Strategies

The Right Rate
The Right Rate

It all boils down to one important thing: that your timeline and your rate of progress match up. Our ultimate goal is to establish the growth you need in the time you have.

All for One
All for One

Whether it’s risk control, estate planning or your retirement timeline, all the different parts of your wealth should be working together, not pulling you in different directions. We work to keep all your strategies simple and in sync.

Long-Term Outlook
Long-Term Outlook

Now is always better than later, and foresight better than hindsight. We operate with a long-term outlook and we encourage the same in our clients.

Start with a Plan
Start with a Plan

Whether you have a long way to go or you’re almost there, your plan is where it all starts. As a tool for gauging progress and updating your wealth strategies, it’s at the center of what we do.

Watch the Bottom Line
Watch the Bottom Line

If your spare time is limited, it’s worth having a process that allows you to keep an eye on things without having to manage all the minute details. With a focus on net worth, we show clients the bottom line in addition to our monitoring and updating processes.

Network on Hand
Network on Hand

There are specialists essential for aspects of your wealth plan, and then there are some that become necessary down the road, for a single purpose. In either case, we have the connections and relationships that allow clients to get the specialized advice they need.

I like that Jim always provides me with the bottom line, but I also value his in-depth knowledge. When I want to understand the decisions that he and his team make, he communicates the details in a way that is simple, straightforward and efficient.

Nancy Melcher
Nancy Melcher Landscape Design

Jim is always able to provide honest, straightforward advice, and to connect me with the right people whenever the need arises. He has helped me optimize every part of my wealth for the growth I need for retirement.

Bill Heath
WMH & Associates Consultants Ltd.

When I came to Jim I had not given much thought to how prepared I was for retirement, but he was able to put, in very simple terms, what needed to happen for me to meet my financial objectives. Because of Jim and his team, who have been consistently reliable and effective, I’m in a much more comfortable place in relation to my retirement.

Brenda Stevens
Director Regulatory, Retired
Rogers Communications

Jim takes the time that I don't have to manage my wealth properly. It's a comfort to know that everything’s in order while I focus on other things.

Norman Beaudry
VP Senior Advisor Consultant

With the Wilson Financial Team I always have the feeling that they understand the value of my money and my time. They respond to my questions when I call, and act on our decisions straight away.

Richard Godfrey

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