Our History in Time

We’ve worked with enough professionals to know that, for most of your career, time is a concern, whether it’s finding any to spare or counting down to retirement.

For over two decades, we’ve been offering retirement planning expertise that helps clients spend their time wisely. Through our comprehensive approach, we help clients spend less time organizing their finances, while maintaining steady progress and a clear understanding of where they are in the present.

We want you to know that your wealth is growing at the right rate to help you reach the objectives on the horizon.

The Wilson Financial Team:

  • Was founded in 2001
  • Has developed into a full-service platform, with the capabilities of a complete financial planning and investment offering
  • Is affiliated with HollisWealth, which is a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

The future can be unknown, but investing does not have to be. Trust us to look after your family’s investments.

Jim Wilson, B.Comm., CFP®
Director Private Client Group -
Sr. Insurance Advisor

Bringing order to your finances with straightforward advice.

The objective is to get your wealth to a place where everything is in order, so that you can spend your time earning - not worrying or organizing.

In working with professionals, we’ve developed not only an appreciation for any strategy that can save time for our clients, but also the tools to deliver them. These include specialized services for working professionals and those preparing for retirement, a range of contacts at arm’s length, and a process that helps us get answers quickly and communicate them clearly.

Who We Work with

What Our Clients Have to Say

The following are first person testimonies from a cross-section of our client base. This is how they’ve experienced our practice over the years.

I like that Jim always provides me with the bottom line, but I also value his in-depth knowledge. When I want to understand the decisions that he and his team make, he communicates the details in a way that is simple, straightforward and efficient.

Nancy Melcher
Nancy Melcher Landscape Design

Jim is always able to provide honest, straightforward advice, and to connect me with the right people whenever the need arises. He has helped me optimize every part of my wealth for the growth I need for retirement.

Bill Heath
WMH & Associates Consultants Ltd.

When I came to Jim I had not given much thought to how prepared I was for retirement, but he was able to put, in very simple terms, what needed to happen for me to meet my financial objectives. Because of Jim and his team, who have been consistently reliable and effective, I’m in a much more comfortable place in relation to my retirement.

Brenda Stevens
Director Regulatory, Retired
Rogers Communications

Jim takes the time that I don't have to manage my wealth properly. It's a comfort to know that everything’s in order while I focus on other things.

Norman Beaudry
VP Senior Advisor Consultant

With the Wilson Financial Team I always have the feeling that they understand the value of my money and my time. They respond to my questions when I call, and act on our decisions straight away.

Richard Godfrey

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