Planning to retire isn’t the same as having a retirement plan.

With the salary you earn now, it’s easy to leave retirement planning as a question mark on your list of priorities, but the fact is that retirement changes your finances as much as it changes your life. If you plan to retire by a certain date, you should also plan on making sure your income and lifestyle line up.

If you ask yourself one question before then, make it this one: is your money growing fast enough for you to retire when you want?

Our role is to help you reach that rate of overall growth within the timeline you’ve set. In short, we help you plan for retirement, so that you can retire when you plan to.

Our Services and Products

Our services include:

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax management
  • Investment management

Our investment product offering includes:

  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Bonds
  • GICs
  • Mutual funds

A Smarter Way to Plan for Retirement.

If you’re within one year or twenty of retiring, your plan for retirement is built around growth, but it’s just as important to have it focused toward clear goals.

We divide those goals into 4 main categories, which we then plan and manage, so that you’re not just getting closer to retirement, you’re also making the steady progress you need to be financially ready for it.

We get your retirement growth on track by:

  • Defining your retirement lifestyle and the cash flow you’ll need to support it
  • Updating your estate plan and getting your paperwork in order
  • Setting your retirement date and creating a reasonable timeline
  • Setting and tracking milestones for your net growth

Something always comes up.

But if you’re prepared for it, it doesn’t have to push your retirement plans off track.

Because we’ve worked with so many pre-retirees, we’ve built up the best strategies and integrated them into our practice. This allows us to prepare for everything we can, and to handle everything else as efficiently as possible.

We help clients stay on track to retirement by:

  • Identifying your risk tolerance and aligning your portfolio
  • Protecting your capital with risk control investment strategies
  • Implementing conservative growth tactics
  • Planning for your lifestyle and saving for unexpected life events
  • Coordinating your insurance and keeping legal documentation up-to-date
  • Connecting you to legal, tax, insurance, real estate and other specialists

The Retire on Time Process

Few professionals have a retirement plan, let alone clear steps to get them to the growth rate that they need. We start by defining those steps in a written plan, and fine tuning them as you approach your retirement date.

The Retire on Time Process
  • Review your existing plans, statements and portfolios
  • Financial questionnaire provides a clear picture of your needs and goals
  • Consult with relevant specialists
  • Assemble and fine-tune written financial plan
  • Present full financial plan
  • Explain strategies for growing and maintaining your net worth
  • Apply all strategies and investments
  • Begin process of growing net worth towards personal goals
  • Open communication between regular progress reports
  • Plan is updated every two years

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